Paraben Free Formulation

Our premier natural toenail fungus treatment offers a safe, easy and convenient approach to targeting nail fungus.

We never use ineffective and potentially dangerous ingredients. Ingredient education is vital to your health, so we created these Antifungal Comparison Charts

Antifungal Comparisons

Our mission when we formulated Fungalution was to create a product that works fast, is naturally safe and is effective on nail fungus.We believe an educated consumer is our best customer, so we’ve created the charts below to use as a reference when deciding which product is best for you. As always, discuss all health-related concerns and with a physician or licensed health care professional.

Our Product
Zeta Clear
Anhydrous (water-free) X X X X X X
Clears severe nails X Maybe? Maybe? X X Maybe?
Clears skin around nails X X X
Clears beneath nail X Maybe? X X
Fights development of resistance X X X X X X
Our Product
X Documented Liver Failure Superior Efficacy – Penetrates the Nail Plate and the Subungual Space
X Blood Count Must Be Monitored Superior Adherence
X Liver Functions Must Be Tested Monthly No Testing Required
X Poor Adherence No Monitoring
X Only 38% Efficacy Low Side Effects Profile
Most Other Antifungals
Our Product
X Does Not Penetrate the Nail Bed Penetrates the nail plate itself and the subungual space
X Poor Adherence Residue-Free
X Greasy and Messy Superior Adherence
X Stains Clear/No Staining
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